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Romantic Movie Icon Contest

{For the Romantic in All of Us}

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ABOUT romanticontest

romanticontest is an icontest for romantic movies and couples.
Each challenge will feature a new romantic theme.

Mod: ladybubblegum
Banner maker: tatertotpixie

Contest rules

1. Refer to the current challenge post for limitations (theme, number of icons allowed, etc.)
2. Icons must fit LJ standards (40kb & 100x100 pixels)
3. Blending and animation is allowed. Rule Change: 11/2/06
4. Include the image and url of icons when submitting them like so:





5. Do not show your icons until the challenge ends. Any icons shown before the winners are announced will be disqualified.


Challenge Ends/Voting Goes Up/New Challenge: Friday
Voting Ends: Saturday
Winners Announced: Sunday/Monday


_smiletime_: A BtVS/AtS icontest with a focus on humor.
ai_scoobie_chal: An icontest for the supporting characters of BtVS/AtS
anya_stillness: Anya Jenkins from BTVS
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funnystrangeic: An icon challenge focusing on the randomly funny and strange.
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stageandscreen: icontest for movies and theatre productions
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the_white_hats: The White Hats icontest (Jossverse good guys)
tv_movie_icons: TV Movie Icons
ulttvchallenge: Ultimate TV Icon Challenge
willow_247: Willow Rosenburg Stillness (BtVS)


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Header made by ladybubblegum
Icon made by musesrealm

Past winners

#1 Titanic - angelofmusicx08
#2 Moulin Rouge - harvesterj88
#3 Ever After - aladriana
#4 Romeo and Juliet -eriksangel84
#5 Phantom of the Opera -harvesterj88
#6 The Nightmare Before Christmas-clotpole
#7 Love, Actually -arromanches
#8 Pretty Woman -clotpole
#9 Pride and Prejudice -perfectpen
#10 Chocolat -arromanches
#11 300 King Leonidas and Queen Gorgo - phantomberkanna
#12 The Notebook- thedreamygirl
#13 The Princess Bride-lt_sp
#14 Cruel Intentions
#15 Pretty in Pink-